Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Storms

Almost everyday I've been up here on Roan Mountain we've had massive thunderstorms. The view out of this chalet is amazing! There are several mountains directly across from where my chalet sits.

It's interesting watching the clouds come up (and yes I said come up) and it blocks the mountain from view.
So if I can't see the mountain, does it mean it's no longer there? OF COURSE NOT! When the storm passes, the mountain will still be there.

In the Christian life, we are never promised that life will be easy, in fact quite the contrary. There will always be mountains, valleys, and storms along the way.

Tell me, are you going to sit in the valley out of fear or look forward to seeing what's on top of that next mountain?

Will you hide yourself from the rain, or dance in it? Will you let it refresh you or be afraid of getting a little wet?

Rain waters plants, trees, and the earth so that it may continue to grow and bear fruit. If there was never rain how could we appreciate the sun?

Have you ever had the thought that both the rain AND the sun are needed in order to grow and bear fruit?

May we all rejoice in both the sun and the rain.

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